A Drumming Adventure

„If you have a mouth, you can sing!
If you have feet, you can dance!
If you have hands, you can drum!“
(African proverb)

Grooving with African and Cuban rhythms, using circle drumming, body percussion, tribal songs and rhythm plays, we will enrich the exploration of our enthralling universe, experiencing the many aspects of this one big pulse. Sound meditations, relaxation and massage will help us integrate and understand our experiences on a deeper level.

Playfully we will practice being totally with ourselves, while at the same time being aware of and listening to others. We will merge into a common pulse, letting new rhythms and perceptions arise – and indulge in what is being created in the moment. It is miraculous what beauty and power can be created by people at play in an atmosphere that encourages spontaneity, trust, communication, cooperation and community.

You don’t need to be a drummer or a musician to join. Everybody is welcome.?The language of the drum transcends boundaries of age, gender, nationality, race and religion. The call of the drum is universal!

Life is rhythm, everywhere and all the time. It is a universal manifestation – day and night, summer and winter, during high and low tides. It is reflected in all aspects – inner and outer.

Rhythm is essential to life and the drum resonates as a perfect platform from which to plunge into our vast, magical universe. In the womb you reside in rhythm – your mother’s heartbeat, her breath, her pulse. Even though deeply inherent in you, these primeval rhythms are very rarely consciously lived and explored, especially in our European societies.

For centuries drums have been used to bring people together for special occasions – to celebrate a marriage, the birth of a child, the coming of rain, a good harvest or to worship a deity. Drums not only unite a community but also bring you in closer contact with your inner being. Their rhythms stimulate, harmonize, unfold their healing power and profoundly ground you.

Participating in the creation of a drumming community is a remarkable journey.?This playshop offers a time for sharing and to be creative, a joyful adventure in loud, powerful moments as well as in quiet, subtle vibrations.

Get ready to feel the beat and embark with us to the magical world of drumming and celebration!