Thank you guys for all these memorable moments.
Just superb work you’re doing and you are a super team!

The week with you on Corfu was truly fantastic. With these wonderful memories in my heart I’m able to tap into the joy of life in my daily routine. A heartful TamTam

… still totally inspired from the’Rhythm of Life’ week. Thanks to you this all was made possible; I totally enjoyed it and feel very happy to have been part of it. In love

Beyond our differences in age, sex, social background and nationalities, the seminar ‘Rhythm of Life’ of this summer succeeded in creating a natural alchemy and a conviviality between all the participants, and it’s true to say that a real group was born in Corfu in August 2011. Kiya’s and Veetkam’s positive energy, happiness and harmony represented the fundamental base of this magic potion … Thank you!

We’ve laughed and learnt so much … sweet memories on a wonderful week of drumming with you!

I would like to thank you & Kiya very much for all the beautiful, funny, groovy, inspiring, as well as the quiet moments … thanks God you were on Friday night our ‘leader’ with your drum.
These typ of vacations have become rar for me. The moments where the silence was so present, in which a few friends could touch my heart, moments where we laughed so much were precious presents as well as all the sun, the ocean, the wind, the nature … THANKS!
Omkarapriya – OM

Would like to thank both of you so much for this beautiful week.
I felt at home here from the very first moment.
I enjoyed the drumming very much and I could ‘fullfill’ my initial wish with ease to venture into new territories and smile about me wether I succeed or not.

Your playshop was simply fantastic! Never before I have enjoyed a vacation so much.
When are you sending me the new dates for next year!
Looking forward to join again. Love & blessings.

… still feeling the Corfu week still in me – all the moments of joy and especially our presentation on Friday night and the open drumming on Saturday.
You two really understand it beautiful to transmit the ‘rhythm of life’!

This was & is, like last time, unforgettable. I thank you & Kiya for your warmheartedness, spontaneity and honesty. I could enjoy beautiful heart moments and was blessed by many spontaneous presents … and our songs are super – they sound unbelievably beautiful!