VeetkamTwo hearts are beating in my chest and always have been!

Early in life I had a deep attraction to this magical place called India with its ancient tradition and understanding that music is a form of meditation. Where as the world of drumming and rhythm as practiced in Cuba has been a natural doorway for me to wildness, expressiveness and ecstasy.

This has been the road I’ve been following ever since, being a part of a very international commune in India, where musical expression, be it meditative, singing or roaring wildly played an important role in our lives. So many great musicians, so many styles fused together as a form of prayer and worship – it was just awesome! During my extensive travels to the Caribbean Islands I was initiated to its archaic musical culture still alive as ever.

Now back in Switzerland I’ve been building up my diverse musical life with teaching, giving ‘impulses’ in companies with drum circles and being a percussionist and singer in various groups from Mantra singing to Cuban Salsa.

Having had great teachings from the Masters of Cuban music, at the Jazz school here in Zurich, my Indian percussion wizards and the Afro-Percussion-School Zurich, I have created my own setup and way of playing combining the various instruments and styles.

The inspiring meeting with Kiya, her natural drumming talent and her vast expertise in groupleading, as a therapist and teacher, find here in our ‘Rhythm of Life’ the perfect union of both our talents and passions.

Wake up to the call of the drum and join us on this adventurous musical journey.